Fire Lighting

Fire Cooking

Flower crowns

Leaf printing

Leaf crowns

Twig weaving

Apple or leaf print gratitude flags

Percussion stick musical instrument

Clay Faces/ Clay Monsters

Leaf wreaths

Leaf suncatchers

Flower petal suncatchers

Twig magic wands

Tree Cookies

Mud Painting

Make a fairy land

Leaf numbers and counting

Number stones

Counting with sticks

Counting with rocks

Stick Photo Frames

Stick Mobiles

Willow Bow and Arrows

Elder Jewellery

Nature counting treasure hunts

Scavenger Hunt

Shelter Building

Story Stones

Journey Sticks

Children’s books about nature

Nature journal

Mud pie

Nature walk activities

Bug Hotel

Magic Potions

Bug Hunts

Teddy Obstacle Course

Catapillar Collage

Art in Nature


Multiple Tool Use

Nature Colour Matching

African Land Snail Experience

Kelly Kettles

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